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Women of Tomorrow/ Student Council

Sponsor: Ms. DeLeon
Description: The Women of Tomorrow Club consists of grades 6th – 8th grade girls who are looking for some quality time together to share important life topics. The Club will allow for girls to discuss issues that involve self-image concerns, relationships, values, and responsibilities that arise in young adulthood.
Audience: Middle School Girls
Meeting: Two times per month

Atomic Brain STEM Club

Sponsor: Mr. M. Moss
Description: Elementary Grade Math Club
Audience: Grades 3-5
Meeting: Mondays 3:20 - 4:20 PM
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Garden/Recycling Club

Sponsor: Ms. Miller; Ms. J. Costa
Description: Students will use recycled materials for the purpose of reducing waste and creating useful and beautiful objects.
In the Gardening Club, students will learn the basics of planting. They will learn how to use vegetables and herbs in nutritious meals.
Audience: Students Grades 3-5 (Maximum capacity of 30 students)
Meeting: Fridays 3:05-4:15 PM Room 69
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Future Educators of America (FEA)

Sponsor: Ms. Y. Castillo
Description: Students in the Future Educators of America club provide assistance to teachers (while under their supervision).
Audience: Students Grades 5-8
Meeting: Mondays 3:20 - 4:20 PM Room 265
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Middle School Geography/History Club

Sponsor: Ms. S. Boundy
Description: Middle School Students will practice skills in all areas of Social Science to prepare for the US History Bee and Geography Bee at the county level. Eighth grade students that need assistance with homework are invited daily to work in collaborative groups to better prepare themselves for their daily assignments.
Audience: Middle School Students
Meeting: Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:50 - 8:20 AM; Morning Homework Support Club meets daily from 7:50 - 8:20 AM. Room 224
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Best Buddies

Description: Best Buddies, an international organization which strives to enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and employment, as well as promoting acceptance of all people in the community. Best Buddies strives to facilitate friendships between volunteers and individuals with intellectual disabilities. Participants will promote the chapter and organization through walks, events, and fundraising. We will also get together on select weekends for picnics, bowling and other activities. Parents are required to attend weekend events. It is a fun and exciting way to spend family time while working towards a great cause! To become involved in Best Buddies, interested participants must complete an application. The vision behind e-Buddies is to increase social opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities, while building self-confidence and stronger communication skills.
Audience: Middle School Students
Meeting: Participants must commit to the program for one calendar year and attend meetings that will be held every Monday from 3:20-4:20. Room 222
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Girls Who Code

Sponsor: Ms. Maylee Costa
: This club exposes girls to the world of computer science. Learn to use Scratch and CS concepts.
Audience: Middle School Girls interested in computer programming and gaming.
Meeting: Media Center; Tuesdays and Thursday 3:20 - 4:20 PM
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Code.Org Club

Sponsor: Ms. Mercedes Garcia
: This club teaches code using the curriculum. The software used exposes students to basic programming concepts.
Audience: Students Grades 3-5
Meeting: Media Center; Tuesdays and Thursday 3:20 - 4:20 PM
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National Junior Honor Society

Sponsor: Ms. Mercedes Garcia
: Based on invitation only for 6th, 7th and 8th graders who maintain honor roll every quarter. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Character and Citizenship.
Audience: 6th, 7th and 8th graders (Invitation Only)
Meeting: Media Center — Times TBA
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Kiwani’s Club (K Kids/Builders’ Club)

Sponsors: Ms. Cuenca and Ms. Larsson
Description: This club is for students interested in community service. The club identifies areas of improvement and organizations or groups of individuals who need assistance. Help is provided through projects.
Audience: All grade levels
Meeting: Room #70 Time TBA
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Sponsor: Ms. Dalia Rodriguez
Description: SECME's Mission: To engage students through hands-on activities that enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); thus preparing to enter and compete in post secondary studies in science and creating a diverse and globally competitive workforce. Agenda might include but is not limited to:

Speakers: Host classroom speakers and demonstrations: Inspirational/motivational speakers, careers, science/math demonstrations, inviting local engineers, industry leaders, civic leaders and professional organizations such as Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE)

Contests: Participate in school-wide and district-wide contests: Science fair, college bowl, tallest and strongest tower, bridge building, physics olympics, fraction munchers, public speaking, float a boat, egg drop, paper airplane, robotics, Bluebird nesting box building, SECME mousetrap, essay, water bottle rocket, poster and banner contests, etc.

Preparing for College: Orientation in test preparation, begin student preparation for the college application process i.e., involvement in extra-curricular activities, competitions, honors and awards, setting goals, time management, etc.

Study Groups: Host student-led cooperative study groups.

School publicity for SECME (i.e., dedicated SECME newsletter or column in existing school newsletter.

Parent Involvement: Empowering parents with activities and suggestions to assist their children in career and educational choices.
Audience: Middle School Students
Meeting: Mondays 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM Room 219 Sept. 21, 28; Oct. 5, 12, 19, 26; Nov. 9,16, 23; Dec. 7; Jan. 4,11; Feb. 1,8, 22, 29; Mar. 7, 14, 28; Apr. 4, 18, 25; May 2, 9, 16
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Safety Patrol Club

Sponsor: Ms. Christine Bergman
Description: This club is for students interested in promoting safety around Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center in a polite and courteous way. Students supervise, monitor and assist students to ensure safety for all Bobcats. Students need to demonstrate positive and polite attitudes at all times while assisting all students to follow school rules and promote safety. Students are also expected to communicate in a polite way with everyone and be role models.
Audience: Students Grades 3-8
Meeting: Room 262; Students arrive 7:45 AM each morning and report to assigned posts until 8:25 AM. They will meet daily with Ms. Bergman to debrief and share safety progress.
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Sterling Bobcat Club

Sponsor: Ms. Maylee Costa
Description: Community Service Projects where students log their hours and progress. At the end of the year, students receive a Sterling Silver Bobcat Pin. For each subsequent year that they work on a Sterling Bobcat Projects, a Sterling Silver Star is earned. (Some projects have turned into Silver Knights Nominations for students when they are in high school.)
Audience: Grades 3 +
Meeting: Room 263; Times TBA
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Young Men’s Explorer Club

Sponsors: Mr. Blanton Harris
Description: This club promotes proper educational aspects of growth that help young boys develop self esteem and mature into young men. Hands on experiences and field trips are provided by guest speakers, and organizations such as the Bay Harbor Police or U.S. Military.
Audience: Middle School Young Men Grades 6-8 and select students for field trips only.
Meeting: Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:20 PM (If Mr. Harris has a meeting, the students will meet Mondays 3:20 to 4:20 PM)
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Study Buddy Program

Sponsors: Ms. Christine Bergman
Description: This club provides home learning support on an individual basis. Miami Beach Senior High students provide the home learning support.
Audience: Middle School Students Capacity: 20 students
Meeting: Mondays from 3:20 - 4:20 PM Room 262
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