Immunizations are being sponsored by the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County.
· Free vaccinations are available to children between the ages of 2 months through 18 years of age.
· Requirements when visiting the clinic:

  • Bring your child’s immunization records
  • Child’s guardian must be present
· To schedule an appointment at one of the clinics please call the Florida Department of Health in Miami-Dade County’s Immunization Program at 786-845-0550..

  • In accordance with the Florida Plan for School Health Services, all pre-kindergarten through 12th grade students must submit documentation verifying that a health examination was performed within the 12-month period preceding initial entry into a Florida school.
A completed Student Health Examination (DH or HRS-H Form 3040) form, including proof of a Tuberculosis Clinical Screening and appropriate follow up if necessary, should be completed and signed by a licensed practicing health care provider and presented to the school during initial registration.
If parents/guardians request assistance in locating free or reduced immunization sites, please advise them to dial the Children's Trust 2-1-1 Helpline and request information on "Immunizations" or "Vaccines".
In addition, the list of free and sliding scale immunization sites including contacts, hours of operation, fees, etc. can be accessed through the 2-1-1 website at Go to the Search for HELP section, located at the top left hand side of the page and type the word "Immunizations" or "Vaccines" in the search bar.
The 2-1-1 Helpline is a resource and referral line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for speakers of English, Spanish, and Creole.
For additional information on health services, please visit the Children's Trust website at
  • For more information, please call the Comprehensive Health Services office at: 305 995-1235.
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Lice are tiny wingless parasitic insects that feed on blood. Lice are easily spread especially by school children through close personal contact and by sharing belongings.
Early signs may be itching, caused by the bite of the louse (insect) and red bite marks and scratch marks may be observed on the scalp and neck. The presence of nits (eggs) attached to the hair shaft close to the scalp may exist in the absence of itching.
The incubation period from laying eggs to hatching of the first nymph is 6 to 10 days. Mature adult lice capable of reproducing do not appear until 2 to 3 weeks later.
Lice spread only when they crawl from person to person directly or when they crawl onto shared personal items: i.e. combs, brushes, hats, bedding, etc. A person is infectious as long as lice or nits remain on their head or clothing.
Exclude any students with lice or nits until satisfactorily treated and there are no nits found in the hair.
The M-DCPS School Health Medical Advisory Committee supports M-DCPS No Nit Policy. For more information and recommendations to school personnel relating to PEDICULOSIS CAPITIS (HEAD LICE) including parent resources please visit our website at This information may be accessed by clicking on the Health Issues tab then click on Head Lice tab.
For additional information please contact Wilma Steiner or Lourdes Ponce at 305 995-1235.

FREE EKG Screenings for Middle School Students

Miami Children’s Hospital ( through several outreach departments-including one on Biscayne and 39th..) offers free EKG screenings for all middle and High School athletes. This simple procedure could be lifesaving. You do not need a doctor's prescription nor health insurance.You simply call the Cardiac Outpatient Department of Miami Children’s Hospital at 305-662-8301 to make an appointment and select the location. They do it on weekdays and weekends.


Through the collaborative efforts of the Towns of Bay Harbor Islands, Bal Harbor, Surfside, the City of Miami Beach, Children's Trust and MDCPS Wellness Department, we were able to provide full time nursing services at RKBBHK-8 CENTER.