RKBBHK-8 Dade Partners

Thank you to the following Dade Partners for their generous contributions and time to our students and staff:

  • Flannigans
  • Primo Trattoria Italiana
  • Serendipity
  • Surf-Bal-Bay PAL
  • Rotary Club of Bal Harbour
  • Nuage Gymnastics
  • Miami Gymnastics
  • Go Green Charity Recyclers
  • Pediatric Psychology Associates
  • Awesome Chiropractic Center
  • Darren Buckner's Martial Arts
  • Pediatric Psychology Associates

Why Become a RKBBHK-8 Dade Partner???

Some of the benefits of being a business partner include:

• Recognition for valued community service

• Greater understanding of the educational system

• Involvement in decisions that affect your community

• Better educated students who are future employees and consumers

• Opportunity to make a positive impact on students

Some of the ways our school benefits from your contributions and time are:
• Providing additional resources to enhance educational programs
• Opportunity to bring real world situations into the classroom
• Assistance in rewarding students for their accomplishments
• Access to technological advances and equipment
• Utilization of volunteers to interact with and serve as role models for students

For more information, contact:
Susan De Leon, School Counselor/Dade Partner Liaison at

We look forward to establishing many successful partnerships with our community businesses.
Our hope is that our school and its community businesses can share their expertise and services with one another.